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Morning Update (Compulsive Gambling Edition)

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  • Reviewing free agent defensive linemen, examining what the Chiefs should do with their second day picks and more at MVN.

  • Georgia ends up at no. 2 in the final college football poll. Oh, and LSU won some college football game last night.

  • Check out the wiki page of Aaron Hunt, a CFL defensive lineman the Chiefs have a work out scheduled with.

  • AP is so close to being on the first page when you search Kansas City Chiefs!

  • A former Rams offensive coordinator is rumored to possibly replace Buffalo's offensive coordinator. Either the Chiefs are being patient, don't see anyone they want yet or already have somebody lined up.

  • Emmitt Smith likes tricked out cars. I swear I had a joke in there about Emmitt's on the air foibles but it just left my mind. Yes, during the off-season, these links will still be in the update even if I can't relate them to anything.

  • I tend to read articles with titles like this -- How I Just Lost $10,000 on the BCS Championship Game.

  • Terrell Owens is a game-time decision this weekend.
How about those Tigers? Miss Arrowhead Pride was born in Louisiana so we were cheering hard for LSU. I was in Death Valley at the LSU/Arkansas game back in November when LSU lost and everyone thought their championship hopes were dashed so it was pretty cool to say I saw the eventual national champion play.

Enjoy the links and I'll be back with the top five most disappointing Kansas City Chiefs of 2007. Oh and great job with the diaries! During these down months, the diaries become even more vital to the health of our site. Thanks!

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