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Morning Update (US Penitentiary Edition)

  • Quick playoff update for those who missed the games -- The Jags beat the Steelers 31 to 29. San Diego dominated the Titans in the second half to win 17 to 6. Finally, it was the Giants over the Bucs 24 to 14 and the Seahawks over the Redskins 35 to 14.

  • New KC Star guy Kent Babb drops a huge piece over the weekend about the Chiefs poor season.

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic grades every single player on the Chiefs. As you might expect, there were only three As given out.

  • All-American cornerback Aqib Talib is turning pro, according to his brother.

  • I missed Jared Allen on the NFL Network, reporting from the sidelines of the Chargers/Titans game. The article also features the Star's stunning photo work.

  • For us local KC people, we have a new neighbor in Leavenworth, KS -- Michael Vick.

  • Check out this short clip of a Chiefs fan getting pissed off at a Bronco fan in Arrowhead. The guy is lucky he didn't get clocked. (One phrase is NSFW but it's said pretty quietly)

  • This was mentioned a while ago and I never posted it here but the Chiefs may move Brian Waters to center next year.

  • Brian Schottenheimer is a likely candidate for the Ravens head coaching job.

  • Feel free to give commenter primetime 07 a good ribbing about this quote from back in March -- "Please don't take Bowe. The NFL has enough 6'2" 4.6 40 possession receivers."
Who saw American Gladiators last night? And does anyone else think Shawne Merriman is a perfect candidate to be a gladiator? He already has the steroids! Zing!

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