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Cut Time: Who Won't be Back for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Offense Defense Injured Reserve
Name Pos *** Name Pos *** Name Pos
Wiegmann. Casey C *** Barksdale. Rashad CB *** Baldwin. Johnny LB
Grigsby. Boomer FB *** Law. Ty CB *** Bober. Chris G
Waters. Brian G *** Patterson. Dimitri CB *** Brackenridge.Tyron CB
Welbourn. John G *** Sapp. Benny CB *** Holmes. Priest RB
Carney. John K *** Surtain. Patrick CB *** Johnson. Larry RB
Darche. Jean-Philippe LS *** Allen. Jared DE *** Kennison. Eddie WR
Colquitt. Dustin P *** Hali. Tamba DE *** Niswanger. Rudy C
Croyle. Brodie QB *** McBride. Turk DE *** Price. Maurice WR
Greene. David QB *** Smith. Khreem DE *** Thigpen. Tyler QB
Huard. Damon QB *** Wilkerson. Jimmy DE *** Thomas. Pat LB
Battle. Jackie RB *** Boone. Alfonso DT *** Turley. Kyle T
Harris. Gilbert RB *** Edwards. Ron DT
Smith. Kolby RB *** Reed. James DT
Jones. Adrian T *** Tyler. Tank DT
Leffew. Travis T *** Bell. Kendrell LB
McIntosh. Damion T *** Edwards. Donnie LB
Stallings. Tre T *** Fox. Keyaron LB
Svitek. Will T *** Harris. Napoleon LB
Taylor. Herb T *** Harris. Nate LB
Allan. Michael TE *** Johnson. Derrick LB
Dunn. Jason TE *** Pimentel. Mickey LB
Gonzalez. Tony TE *** McGraw. Jon S
Wilson. Kris TE *** Page. Jarrad S
Bowe. Dwayne WR *** Pollard. Bernard S
Drummond. Eddie WR *** Wesley. Greg S
Parker. Samie WR
Sippio. Bobby WR
Webb. Jeff WR

Alright AP readers. Time to let us know who you think won't be around for the 2008 season for the Kansas City Chiefs. There are 64 total players in the above table and I've cut 24 of them, which is a number I arrived at after hearing Herm and co. say we could see around twenty new faces next year.

Don't forget that eight of those players on offense and defense are off of the practice squad. I pretty much got rid of all of the PS players.

There is a lot of wiggle room with these cuts so don't take these too seriously right now. For example, most of the PS guys we have didn't even make it on the field so its difficult to judge if they'll still be around or not. Also, free agency will undoubtedly change some of these cuts, depending on who becomes available in the off season.

Casey Wiegmann -- The talk of moving Brian Waters to center means that his time may be up.
Boomer Grigsby -- His skills don't fit well in the fullback position. He already lost a LB spot last year so this one should be a no-brainer.
John Welbourn -- Casualty of the worst offensive line in franchise history.
John Carney -- He was a temporary fix when he came on and we should be able to find a kicker with a stronger leg in the off season.
David Greene -- PS guy. Probably won't be retained.
Jackie Battle -- Only got one carry during the regular season. PS guy mainly.
Gilbert Harris -- Didn't show a whole lot in 2007. Fumbled and dropped a few passes.
Adrian Jones -- PS guy.
Travis Leffew -- PS guy.
Tre Stallings -- PS guy.
Jason Dunn -- Should retire.
Kris Wilson -- "Swing pass to Kris Wilson" defined the ineptitude of the Chiefs offense. Doesn't really fit anywhere in the offense.
Eddie Drummond -- I wish I could take a pill to erase Drummond from my memory.
Rashad Barksdale -- Special teams guy who never got a chance to play corner.
Khreem Smith -- PS guy.
Kendrell Bell -- This free agent nightmare finally ends this off season.
Mickey Pimental -- PS guy.
Johnny Baldwin -- Special teams guy who never really got a fair shot because of his injury.
Chris Bober -- Been around for a few years and never made an impact. Another o-line casualty.
Priest Holmes -- Retired.
Eddie Kennison -- Should retire this off season. Too old and last year he became very injury prone.
Pat Thomas -- Another special teams guy who got injured and never played his natural position.
Kyle Turley -- Consistently outplayed by younger guys behind him. Will probably retire.

Let us know your cuts (not necessarily all of them) and feel free to tear into mine.

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