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Count It Down: The Top Five Herm Edwards Faces of 2007

#5 As noted before, this first look is the Tolerance Box look. Usually given to younger players when they commit personal fouls (see "Benny Sapp"), we all know that you're only in the tolerance box until Herm can replace you.

Perhaps the scariest of Herm's looks if you're a player.

#4 This is the Clock Mismanagement look. Exhibited widely throughout this season, this could be the most widely seen of Herm looks because media outlets jump on any mismanagement of timeouts by Herm.

Fans usually accompany this look with, "Again? Are you ****ing kidding me?"

#3 This is Herm's Player's Coach look. Jovial and laid back, this look is supposed to remind us that the player's have Herm's back and that Herm actually played this game once upon a time. Often followed up with "You know your'e my guy, right?"

This look is mostly used during training camp and practices.

#2 Here we have the Frustrated Play Call look. Herm is confused and angry as to why running a draw on 3rd and long doesn't work. This look comes each time the Chiefs don't convert a first down when the play called doesn't even give the Chiefs a chance to gain enough yards for a first down.

This is quite vexing to Herm. Must be the players fault.

#1 Finally, we have the classic 2007 Herm Edwards shot. The Came Up Short look. Used on third downs or at the end of games, this look is usually accompanied with glassy eyes and a slow, deliberate kicking of the ground. Complacency and calls for competition at certain positions follow this look.

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