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Morning Update (Playoff Weekend Edition)

  • Arrowhead Addict continues to defend Larry Johnson. I agree -- You can hate the man but don't blur that with his on the field production.

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic makes a a great point: Carl Peterson needs Herm Edwards to succeed where other coaches have failed, if only to cement his legacy as a great GM.

  • Hat tip to PVChiefsfan: Jared Allen wins the Derrick Thomas Award and Dwayne Bowe wins the Mack Lee Hill Award for top Chiefs rookie.

  • Ricky Williams will be back with the Dolphins in 2008. FYI -- I'm out of pot smoking jokes between Ricky Williams and Travis Henry.

  • Per WPI, Paul Hackett is NOT a candidate for the Chiefs offensive coordinator.

  • Michael Ash has three key issues for the Chiefs in the off season.

  • Check out the coaching and front office grades from Mr. Wendler. They're guaranteed to get a rise out of you.

  • Another great tidbit from WPI -- "However, from what we’ve been told, the only timetable for the Chiefs is finding their new coordinator before the Senior Bowl in Alabama later this month."

  • Tecmo Bowl simulations for the NFL playoffs? Why not?
Quick conversation starter this Friday. Which playoff games will you be watching this weekend? I haven't told Miss Arrowhead Pride yet but I plan on watching all of them.

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