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Morning Update (LJ's Foot Edition)

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Welcome AP readers!  Another day drags by the in the off-season.  A few links for you to get your morning started off right.

-It only took us 88 days to find out the mystery behind LJ's injury.  A cracked bone in his foot.  What was the mystery?

-An "unnamed NFL player" said his teams game plan against the Chiefs was to run directly at Tamba Hali.  Is Tamba a rising player or the beneficiary of Jared Allen?

-Speaking of Jared Allen, here is a great article detailing his love for hunting.  Very well written article that gives some depth to Allen.

-And people ask why Larry Johnson can't identify with the average Chiefs fan.  He's got some cool cars though.

-An uplifting story from Grandpa Eddie Kennison.  He nominated his old high school English teacher for 2007 NFL Teacher of the Year.  Yes, she did win.

-If this guy hadn't signed with the Rams, would you guys have welcomed him back?

What happened this morning?  I thought KC was supposed to get a lot of snow, but I'm not complaining.  Anyway, grab some coffee and I'll be back in a bit.  Also, put up any good diaries to get us through the day!  You guys didn't think I would end this post without mentioning this game, did you?

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