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Gene Upshaw Has Been Busy

The Executive Director of the NFL Players Union certainly has been busy recently.  We all remember Kyle Turley's battle with Gene Upshaw about the amount of money given to former players.  Now, the head of the players' union responds to the owners regarding the new CBA and urine tests.

First, Upshaw threatened the owners by saying the players were prepared to strike.  This is what he had to say:

"Upshaw said the biggest disagreement is within the league, among small-market and large-market owners who disagree over non-shared revenue, such as local advertising, concessions and parking. Advertising and local broadcasting rights, in particular, tend to be greater in larger markets or among teams with new stadiums."

Upshaw's threat of a strike wasn't all he had to say though.  He says that the players union will consent to a urine test, not a blood test, once HGH testing is developed.  Not quite sure what the advantage is here.  I'm sure blood tests can find more and from longer back.

I'm not a big fan of Upshaw.  Former Raiders' players just rub me the wrong way.