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Count It Down: Top 5 Super Bowls

Not very often does the Super Bowl end up being a legitimately good game.  However, when it does, it makes for a great ending to a season.  So, here go my top 5 Super Bowls I have seen.

5. Super Bowl XXVII Dallas Cowboys 52 Buffalo Bills 17 This one was a lot of fun.  The Cowboys were right in their prime, the triplets were all at the peak of their careers.  I know this was a rematch that most people didn't want to see but I the Cowboys stomping the Bills.

4. Super Bowl XXIX San Francisco 49ers 49 San Diego Chargers 26 I loved this one because I hated Stan Humphries and the Chargers.  I don't even remember how they made it this year.  Young threw for 6 TDs just embarassing the Chargers.  It was great.

3. Super Bowl XXIII San Francisco 49ers 20 Cincinnati Bengals 16 Montana's drive.  Enough said.

2. Super Bowl XXXVI New England Patriots 20 St. Louis Rams 17 The beginning of the Patriots dynasty.  I remember them just coming out of nowhere that year.  The Rams were supposed to kill them (I think the spread was similar to this year's, around 13 or 14).  We got to see Tom Brady on a huge stage for the first time.  The last second FG didn't hurt either.  

1. Super Bowl XXXIV St. Louis Rams 23 Tennessee Titans 16 The best Super Bowl I've ever seen.  Mike Jones (a Kansas City native, not quite sure where he went to high school), tackled Kevin Dyson at the 1 yard line as time expired to secure victory for the Rams.  Wikipedia even has an entry titled simply The Tackle.

Now, let's hear yours.  I just ranked the Super Bowls that I remember watching.  You can rank them however you want.  Let's hear it.

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