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The Kansas City Chiefs are the next New York Giants

That is, a team to get on a hot streak and unexpectedly make it to the Super Bowl one year.  Now, I'm not making an early Super Bowl prediction for the 2008 Kansas City Chiefs but I do want to point out several similarities between the two that might help manifest the team's ultimate goal.

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First, the Giants have only been as successful as Eli will take them (or just not screw it up along the way).  Eli took the starting job in the middle of his rookie year.  He played very erratically the next 2 years causing many to question his future as a Giant.  He's got the arm strength but just needs to key in on his consistency in the completion percentage department.  The Giants, much like the Chiefs, teased their fans just enough with playoff berths the last 2 years.  That is until Eli stopped making mistakes and protecting the football.  Now, play a little find and replace and put Croyle's name in there instead of Eli's.  Sound familiar?  Now, I'm not saying Croyle is the next Eli, but the beginning paths of their careers and their physical capabilities are very similar.

Second, New York power running game can be very similar to the Chiefs (if we ever get a capable offensive line).  The ingredients in the Giants running attack include a power back in Brandon Jacobs, a slasher in Ahmad Bradshaw and their TD man Reuben Droughns.  We have two of those components.  LJ and Kolby, if used correctly, can wear defenses down and keep them guessing.  The only piece of the pie we're missing here is a bigger, FB type back like Droughns (insert future KC FB here).  The Giants' running backs have been a great part of Eli's recent resurgence.

Third, the receiving corps can be translatable as well.  Amani Toomer is a veteran like Kennison but seems to have a bit more left in the tank.  Burress, while bigger than Bowe, possesses the same game breaker ability.  He can stretch the field keeping the defense on their toes.  Bowe can and does do this for us.  I'm not even going to bring Shockey into this comparison because he doesn't hold a candle to TG and probably won't even be on the Giants next year (especially if he doesn't accept the Giants invitation to the Super Bowl).  

Fourth, Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck consistently get pressure on the quarterback.  While for some the jury may still be out on Hali, there's no question that Jared Allen is an elite DE.  The key to the Giants defensive attack is the ability to garner pressure with their four down linemen.  This causes havoc on the offensive line, giving the quarterback less time to throw.  A line like that disguises slower and older defensive backs like our duo Surtain and Law.  Especially with the cover two, it is essential that linemen can create pressure without sending extra guys.

I've noticed these similarities between the two teams for some time but thought now was a good time to show what happens when all of the key parts realize their potential.

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