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Morning Update (Whatever Edition)

  • Arrowhead Addict breaks down the possible offensive coordinator candidates for the Chiefs.

  • For some crazy reason, I almost forgot that the playoffs begin this weekend.

  • Click on the image to the right and you'll be able to download a 2008 Draft Guide, which comes courtesy of Matt Miller. Matt runs Mocking the Draft here on SB Nation as well as New Era Scouting. Take advantage of that sweet sweet free office paper and print it off. Maybe even do something fancy with it like bind it or print it in color. Enjoy.

  • What happened to rookie WR Robert Meachem this year? I know some of you wanted Meachem over Bowe in last year's draft.

  • If the Titans playoff game was today, Vince Young would not be able to go.

  • It was a rough year in Buffalo.

  • Herm on what the new offense may look like next year: "Call it the Chiefs offense, whatever that is."

  • Speaking of offensive coordinators, the 49ers are looking at Chan Gailey.

  • The Chiefs will be working out a CFL tackle over the next two weeks.

  • Bob Gretz is trashing the KC Star's ability to report the news in a timely fashion. It's petty articles like that that make it very clear why we've had over 160,000 visitors to this site in the last five months. No more bullshit!
Grab some coffee, enjoy the links and I'll be back with another list in just a bit.

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