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Count It Down: The Top Five Least Valuable Kansas City Chiefs in 2007

I told you not to step out of my tolerance box!

Counting down the Kansas City Chiefs who did the least this season while taking up an active roster spot.

#5 Jason Dunn

2007 was Dunn's eleventh season and his age noticeably showed. Once a fantastic blocking tight end, Jason Dunn's skills dropped off significantly. Blocking tight ends don't exactly have a lot of stats so you'd have to have seen the Chiefs play this year to see how poorly Dunn played. He missed blocks, was slow moving and generally just looked old out there. Thanks for the memories Jason. I can't imagine he's here next year.

#4 Boomer Grigsby

Everyone's favorite linebacker turned fullback, Boomer's greatest accomplishments came on special teams this season. Other than the occasional ST tackle, I'm not sure why he's still on this team. His transition to fullback has been curious at best and his lack of playing time, even through the last game, was sparse. Grigsby lacks the size to be a proper fullback and frankly doesn't have many other skills worthy of keeping him around in '08. His friendship with Jared Allen may have played a small part in keeping him around through the season but that won't be enough to keep him around in 2008.

#3 Kris Wilson

Do I just not get why Kris Wilson is on this team? Is he making plays that I'm just not seeing? Wilson is slow, has average hands and doesn't fit into our offense. The guy didn't make a single play this season and seemingly will never develop beyond his current talent level. Throw in his two fumbles this year and I'm still wondering why he gets playing time.

#2 Chris Terry

I bent the rules a bit by including Chris Terry because he was indeed cut by the Chiefs in December. When you're an offensive linemen who can't block, you end up on this list. The worst player on a terrible offensive line, Terry's play was so atrocious the Chiefs wouldn't even keep him around for the last few games.

A third pick in the second round in 1999, Terry is done playing football.

#1 Eddie Drummond

What can we say about Eddie Drummond that hasn't already been said this season? Drummond is part of the club that is somehow able to ride one Pro Bowl appearence to a career of mediocrity on other teams. He apparently flipped off the home crowd against the Denver Broncos after a weak punt return. So he's a terrible returner who decides to piss off the fans? Good decision making Drummond. That was about as sound as the decisions you made on your returns.

The true test of the least valuable player is to ask if you can name one good play they made the entire season. Can't think of one for Eddie Drummond? Me either.

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