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Morning Update (27 Years Edition)

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  • If you didn't know this already, Lawrence Tynes' older brother is spending 27 years in a US prison.

  • Vince Young, back to school.

  • Travis Henry wants to stay a Bronco next year, presumably because he has a few more kids to take care of.

  • The word going around a few Chiefs message boards is that Sirius NFL radio reported yesterday that the Chiefs are unlikely to keep Casey Wiegmann around.

  • Remember when we were optimistic about 2007?
Since there is talk outside of this site of the Chiefs possibly drafting Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan, here's a few clips. I guess I just don't see what makes this guy a top ten pick.

I know its been slow around here the last couple of weeks and I apologize for that. No worries though...I'll snap out of this funk and I'm sure everyone else will as well. Relative to other teams, there is literally no news coming out of One Arrowhead Drive. Even though there is still football going on this week, this is generally one of the slowest times for news. Its right before the combine, free agency and the draft. Once we hit February, we'll start seeing future free agents signed as well as some cuts.

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