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KC Chiefs Mock Draft Tracker - Pre-Combine Edition #1

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It's that time of year again -- the mock draft tracker is back! For those of you who missed it last year, the mock draft tracker is a way of gaging the pulse of various mock drafts around the web. I use the excellent Hail Redskins and NFL Mocks to find mock drafts.

Basically, once or twice a week, I'll find about ten mock drafts and tally up who each say the Chiefs will draft. I've organized the players and tallies into the table below. I try not to use the same mock draft twice and if I do use the same site twice, I'll remove the previous pick for the Chiefs from our records.

Last year, Dwayne Bowe was the top guy the mock drafts said we should take. Hopefully, the tracker will be that accurate again this year.

First Round Choice
5 Jake Long (4) Ryan Clady (1)
3 Andre Woodson (1) Matt Ryan (2)
2 Glenn Dorsey (1) Sedrick Ellis (1)
Consensus Draft #5
The Chiefs have a huge need at LT and Jake Long is the best LT prospect in the draft. Probably not as technically sound as Joe Thomas, Jake Long is still a great looking prospect with the potential to be a dominant force for years to come in Kansas City. A great run-blocker, Long could work on his footwork in pass protection to adjust to the speed of the pass-rushers in the NFL.
The Football Expert #5
The Chiefs sorely need help on the offensive line and they are very fortunate to be picking this high. He is their dream choice and helps them rebuild a unit that has not recovered from long time pieces retiring. If Long is off the board it might force them to trade down or reach for defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis (USC) who can combine with their other young players on the opposite line. Another option would be defensive end Vernon Gholston (Ohio State) due to the uncertain future of Jared Allen.
Walters Football #5
Matt Ryan is an option here, but Brodie Croyle is young and has looked semi-decent at times, so maybe the Chiefs will hold off on drafting a quarterback and give their young gun-slinger a year to prove himself. With that in mind, Jake Long is a no-brainer. Kansas City cannot afford to surrender 55 sacks against next year. That will change with Long anchoring the Chiefs' offensive front.
NFL Draft Countdown #5
This would be a dream scenario for the Chiefs because Jake Long is the player they would probably take if they had the #1 overall pick. Since Willie Roaf and Will Shields retired the Chiefs offensive line has really gone downhill and what was once a team strength has now become a liability. For a team with a young quarterback that relies on a strong run game that is troubling and it is a big reason why they are selecting this high. Jake Long is probably just a notch below Joe Thomas as a prospect coming out of college but he is better than Levi Brown was and should be an instant starter.
Football's Future #5
Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky -- It is hard to pass on Long, but they may be able to find a tackle in Round Two. A QB like this can only be had at this point, so the QB wins out.
Draft Ace #5
At this point its very difficult to sort out the top three quarterbacks, but its safe to say that the Chiefs will give each one a long, hard look. While I'm not too high on Ryan, he appears to be the consensus number one at this point, and more importantly, fits best in the Chiefs system. If the Chiefs don't rate any QB this highly, they'll gladly trade down.
Fantasy Football Jungle #5
Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College -- What the Chiefs really need are offensive guards and tackles (heck, I remember writing in my mock draft last year that they needed them), but there are none worth taking at this spot so they should go with a new signal caller. I still think Brohm is the better QB but his ability to stay healty is becoming a concern since he was injury riddled in college and missed the Senior Bowl due to an injury. Peterson doesn't seem confident in anybody they currently have at QB and Ryan is too good a player to let slip by. Ryan has a strong arm, is pretty accurate and has that special something that makes other players want to play harder for him. He doesn't have the quickest release and gets flustered when he pressured in the pocket. However, he will be great in the right system and with the Chiefs going in a new direction with their offensive coordinator the system can be flexed to the available talent.
NFL Draft site #5
Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU -- Missing out on Jake Long the Chiefs grab the top defensive tackle in the draft. He will help an improving defense. The Chiefs will focus on offensive lineman in the later rounds.
NFL Draft Dog #5
"Baby Sapp" is a penetrating defensive tackle that is very productive. In 2007 he recorded 8.5 sacks. The Chiefs need help on both lines and Ellis is the best lineman left on their draft boards. Ellis dominated at the Senior Bowl.
NFL Mocks #5
I have had this pick for a while now and think that the Chiefs will take Clady over Baker, Brohm or Woodson. If Ryan is available, then I think the Chiefs will take a long hard look at him.

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