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Who Will Lawrence Tynes Punch in the Face in Arizona?

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Now that Lawrence Tynes has risen to national prominence, even for just a couple of weeks, the media is telling the rest of the country what Chiefs fans have known for years -- Tynes is one cocky kicker:

Fox's cameras caught an angry Coughlin reaming out Tynes, who had previously missed a 43-yarder with the score tied, as he walked casually to the Lambeau Field sidelines.

"To be honest, I have no idea what he was saying," Tynes said from his New Jersey home yesterday.

"I heard him yelling, but you're not really listening. I was in great shape mentally. I knew if we got our operation cleaned up for the next one, I'd make it, no matter how long."

For those who know Tynes, that answer is typical.

Cocky kicker is kind of like "tough soccer player." Something just isn't right about the pairing of those words.

So who will be Tynes' first victim of felony battery in Arizona? My money is on Stephen Gostkowski, the Patriots kicker. He's got one of those faces that you know Tynes would just love to hit while he was drunk.

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