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Chiefs Gear Up for Senior Bowl Week

Prepare to enter the time of the off-season when forty times, bicep size and vertical leaps take precedence over time actually played on a football field. It's Senior Bowl Week.

The Chiefs coaching staff and many, many others are down in Mobile, AL, this week watching the 100 best prospects of those college players who have completed their eligibility. The game is coached by NFL coaches from either conference. This year the coaches are Mike Nolan of the 49ers and Lane Kiffin of the Oakland Raiders. Former Chiefs coaches in the Senior Bowl include Hank Stram, Marv Levy and Marty Schottenheimer. Larry Johnson won the game's MVP award in 2003.

Since I'm not, you know, actually in Alabama this week, I've rounded up some good resources for Senior Bowl info this week.

Warpaint Illustrated is running a live blog of Senior Bowl from Nick Athan. ($$ required)

NFL Draft Countdown is already off and running with daily practice reports, as well as the Player Observations info I've posted on the right side of the site. I'll update that daily. NFL Draft Countdown's live blog is amazing as well.

Check out senior bowl history and a lot of corporate brouhaha at

Make sure you read these reports with a discerning eye so you don't get caught up in the inevitable hype that will follow a player from one or two great plays or a good practice. The Chiefs are already looking at West Virginia fullback Owen Schmitt on their first day of player observations. Another prospect they checked out was Kentwan Balmer, a DT from UNC.

It should be an interesting week with all of these great resources at our fingertips.

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