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Morning Update (Cliche Edition)

  • One of the Broncos offensive linemen has retired. Add one more team to the off season search for free agent offensive linemen.

  • Talking about trading Larry Johnson is a waste of time.

  • The apparent leading candidate to replace recently fired offensive coordinator Mike Solari is Eric Price, the offensive coordinator at the University of Texas–El Paso.

  • In case you missed it, Missouri destroyed Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl yesterday, 38 to 7.

  • Tampa Bay playoff tickets to the Bucs/Giants game have yet to sell out.

  • It has to be fun to give out end of season awards when your team is undefeated.

  • Man, this is a lot of sports cliches.
After a 4-12 season that was uncharacteristic for the franchise, you like to see a bit of housecleaning like the Chiefs did yesterday with their offensive coaching staff. Like DJ said in the comment section, the remaining vestiges of the Dick Vermeil coaching era are now gone and we can look towards the future with a renewed sense of optimism. At least something will change in 2008.

There are also rumors that the Chiefs may move to a zone blocking scheme next year. Wikipedia describes it well enough:

In a zone blocking scheme, fleet-footedness and athletic ability trump size as desirable qualities in offensive linemen. Coordination and technique matter more than muscle in implementing a successful scheme because defensive linemen are often double-teamed at the point of attack. Creating movement on the defensive line is more important than opening a specific hole in the defense.
Keep this in mind as we scout college or free agent offensive linemen. It will affect what type of linemen we're looking at.

Expect the end-of-season lists to start coming out either at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. We have a lot of time to kill in between talking about the draft and free agency.

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