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Friday Afternoon Links

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  • SMQ sits down with the nation's top football recruit, Terrelle Pryor.

  • Britney Spears isn't the only one -- Herschel Walker to reveal he has multiple personalities.

  • Everyone seems to be talking about Clark Hunt's comments yesterday about the state of the Chiefs. Frankly, I didn't see anything newsworthy in them.

  • A Chiefs assistant retires. Never heard the guy's name in my entire life.

  • Patrick Herb, Brad Kuhbander and Josh Looney of have started their own weekly collection of links. The first set of links is pretty bland but then again so was this entire site when I started.

  • Ryan at MVN makes a good point -- Chan Gailey has a relatively easy job ahead of him. Ryan says, "Why? Because there is absolutely no way you can be considered a failure when compared to the prior regime."

  • This did not surprise me one bit -- Pacman Jones loses Pimp Juice sponsorship. I'm not ashamed to say I've tried Pimp Juice before and it gave me bitter beer face.

  • I don't get to many clubs so I don't know if Shawne Merriman spilling champagne all over this girl is normal or if its just the steroids.

  • A barefoot 70-yard field goal? You be the judge.
Talk about your all-time most boring, uneventful Fridays in the sports world, let alone in Chiefs news. I reached back into the repository of trusty post ideas...and found nothing. Nothing I could get excited about anyway.

No worries though AP readers. We have the playoff live blogs this weekend here and I guarantee we'll be back in full force by Monday.

For the games this weekend, I'm taking the Patriots over the Chargers (Take that Vegas!) and I'm going to call the Giants/Packers game even for now. I'll make a prediction right before the game.

Your predictions?

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