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Morning Update (Unusual Punishment Edition)

  • Arrowhead Addict is trying to stay positive about the Chan Gailey hiring.

  • Jon at MVN says, "You can expect that the running game is going to be awesome and that the pass offense is going to be pretty average–that’s just the track record he brings with him."

  • Sorry to have to break this to you but Michael Oher will return to Mississippi for his senior season.

  • I put a list of key dates throughout the off-season in the Stats block, right above the diary section. These were graciously stolen from Niners Nation.

  • Jason Whitlock, always the contrarian.

  • The woman who claimed Pacman Jones punched her has withdrawn her complaint.

  • Herm Edwards has new representation. His agency's web site,, is actually pretty interesting to browse around.

  • Acme Packing Company has a Giants/Packers preview up. You can find the full playoff schedule for this weekend's game at

  • This guy takes the term fan to a whole new level -- "Upset that his 7-year-old son wouldn't wear a Green Bay Packers jersey during the team's playoff victory Saturday, a man restrained the boy for an hour with tape and taped the jersey onto him."
While browsing the blogosphere for reactions to the Chan Gailey hiring, I found that most were content with the hiring but few were ecstatic, which is to be expected. Chan Gailey, like Marty Schottenheimer, has a philosophy that will win games but won't have your adrenaline rushing on every play. And like Jon said, I'm perfectly fine with that.

Expect a comprehensive Chan Gailey post later today. Enjoy the links.

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