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Morning Update (Alien Alter Ego Edition)

  • Ty Law will more than likely not be back in 2008. Pat Surtain was asked to restructure his contract for 2008 and Ty Law wasn't. This isn't breaking news, more like putting two and two together. Hat tip to WPI.

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic has info on Michael Oher. Check out the video there too and watch the first play.

  • I have to confess I didn't quite understand this post by Ryan Brown at the MVN because I've never seen Remember the Titans. Feel free to mock me.

  • Sir eccles mentioned this in another thread -- Derrick Thomas and Emmitt Thomas are finalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame. This year's crop of HOF candidates may be "weak" enough to get DT in. It's a shame he isn't already in there.

  • Chan Gailey cancelled his interview with the Rams for their vacant offensive coordinator position (Hat tip to Chiefs Planet). He had his second interview with the Chiefs yesterday. Hmmmm....

  • What do you want to bet that this Bengals fan is a total jackass?

  • Picking the top ten Super Bowl half time shows is like picking out the best boy band songs. What's the point? They all suck.

  • Who knew Donte Stallworth was nuts -- "Stallworth said that was punishment from his alter ego, Nicco, whom Stallworth has described as an extra terrestrial being that resides on Mars when the receiver is off the field."
Reports about who's the favorite for the Chiefs vacant offensive coordinator position have been all over the place. But I think that Chan Gailey having a second interview with the Chiefs and cancelling his interview with the Rams is a pretty good indicator that he is either the favorite or close to the favorite to fill the OC position. Hopefully, somebody, anybody can turn this offense around. I'm confident we will improve drastically in 2008. Now for an early morning free thinking session. Coffee is a must.

Above are the ranks of the offense and defense of the Chiefs, over the last eighteen years. Anyone care to speculate on the relationship between offense and defense and the Chiefs success over the years? I'm still gawking over the split that occurred in 1999-2000. We haven't fielded a top ten defense in a decade. And look at the drop in offense when Mike Solari took over. Don't underestimate the importance of getting the right offensive coordinator.

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