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Morning Update (Little T Learns to Cry Edition)

  • Green Bay running back Ryan Grant overcame two quick fumbles to rush for 201 yards and three touchdowns. The Packers beat the Seahawks in a blowout, 42 to 20. In the other playoff games, the Chargers upset the Colts 28 to 24. The Giants beat the Cowboys 21 and 17 and the Patriots, of course, won.

  • Weigh in at Arrowhead Addict about what the Chiefs should do if Darren McFadden falls to us in the draft.

  • The Chiefs have/will sign kickers Billy Cundiff and Nick Novak. See you later John Carney.

  • West Virginia running back Steve Slaton will enter the NFL draft.

  • Jon continues to dispel common myths about the Chiefs over at MVN with his latest -- Drafting Matt Ryan Would Be a $60 Million Chiefs Mistake.

  • Big Blue Shoe wonders why Marvin Harrison wasn't put on IR months ago. Sound familiar?

  • Finally, we have the only post game press conference that I begged my brother to change the channel from because I felt so awkward.

Maybe I'm just heartless but didn't that seem a bit forced?

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