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Where We Stand: The Kansas City Chiefs Tight Ends

Examining the current state of the roster, one position at a time.

Tony Gonzalez

Yeah yeah. Touchdown record. All time receptions record. We know all about Tony Gonzalez's skills. The real question to examine for this segment is how much longer will Tony Gonzalez play in the NFL? 2008 will be TG's twelfth season and he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down . He truly is a remarkable athletic specimen, even reserving his worst injury for the last game of a season.

Throwing out a safe guess, I think Tony has at least two more years playing in the NFL. By then, the aches will finally have caught up with him or he may lose a bit of interest in the game. I'm not saying that Tony isn't the ultimate competitor -- he most definitely is -- but he's made his frustrations clear this past season. He is fed up with being on a losing team and his signing bonus really prevents him from being let go early. He's caught in a frustrating place, especially since he was far and away the best player on a bad team.

Of course, TG falls into the no. 1 TE position on the depth chart. No player is even close to taking his spot.

Impact in 2008: Back in late August, I predicted TG would have 81 receptions, 975 yards and 5 touchdowns. I shorted the future Hall of Famer a bit in receptions -- he had 99 in '07 -- but was pretty close in yards (1172) and touchdowns (5). Next season, I expect Tony to fall somewhere between those two sets of numbers. Expect him to play, well, like Tony Gonzalez. Dwayne Bowe will only improve and hopefully the off-season or the draft brings another decent wide receiver to the mix.

Michael Allan

Like a lot of guys in the "Where We Stand" segment, Allan is a big unknown. A few brief appearances in the pre-season sparked interest in the D-III draft pick by some fans but the jury is still out. Inactive for the two regular season games he was on the roster for, Allan could be here next season and he could not be. Nobody picked him up off of the practice squad for the first fifteen weeks of the season so I'm not sure why that would change this off-season.

Impact in 2008: There isn't room for Michael Allan on the active roster next year. Jason Dunn is currently the Chiefs blocking tight end but his '08 status is questionable. Allan is not a guy who will play special teams as well as play backup tight end. The Chiefs will more than likely be able to call upon Allan at will next year, even if he isn't on the active roster. His impact is minimal next year. Even if Dunn retires, the Chiefs may look elsewhere for their blocking tight end needs.

Jason Dunn

When I say Jason Dunn is over the hill and should probably retire, it's not a criticism of him. It's the truth and I think Dunn knows it as well. He had such a drop off in blocking ability and agility this past year that the writing is on the wall.

Impact in 2008: Michael Allan will probably make the roster before Jason Dunn does. My money says he retires soon.

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