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Open Gameday Thread - Your Saturday NFL Playoff Viewing Schedule


Seattle @ Green Bay, 3:30 PM central time on Fox.


Jaguars @ Patriots, 7 PM central time on CBS.

Man, don't you just love football on Saturdays? Even if the Chiefs aren't playing, the divisional round of the NFL playoffs is up there with the best time of the year in sports.

I'm not one of those crazy bandwagoneers who is going to picks the Jags. New England will win and win handily. 38 to 27, Patriots. Jacksonville scores a late touchdown to make the score respectable.

The Seattle/Green Bay game could go either way but I've learned over the years to not doubt Brett Favre, especially at Lambeau Field. 31 to 17, Packers. Seattle never gets their offense going and Favre throws two touchdowns.

Let us know your predictions in the comment section. Oh, let us know your drink selection for the games as well. I've got six Fat Tire ales to get me through.

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