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Morning Update (Tribe Edition)

  • There are tons and tons of mock drafts, listed by date, at NFL Mocks.

  • What ultimate reward do you get for using up each ticket in your season ticket allotment? A hat.

  • Part two of WPI's interview with Jared Allen is definitely more interesting than the first. It's worth the read.

  • Found a new Chiefs blog.

  • Check out another good rundown of the Chiefs OC search so far.

  • Big Cat Country has the key matchup in this weekend's Jaguars/Patriots playoff game.

  • Matt from The Phinsider has his first mock draft up.

  • Want to beat the Chiefs? Run the bootleg.

  • Chicago Vice? How did the '85 Bears manage to attach themselves to every fad?
Speaking of classic sports posters, does anyone have/remember the Chiefs poster where every player was dressed up like a Native American? The tribe poster if you will. Some had headdresses on. It was truly one of the most politically incorrect (nowadays anyway) sports posters I've ever seen.

Google image search is coming up empty for this poster. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about?

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