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Mid-Morning Update (Magic Edition)

  • Boise State offensive lineman Ryan Clady, ranked as the #2 offensive tackle in the draft, will have a great trainer for the combine and the draft -- Will Shields. (Hat tip to Chiefs Coalition)

  • WPI has a very interesting interview with Jared Allen. Part one is here. Also, check out Mr. Wendler's piece, Throw to Win.

  • Jared Allen and Tony Gonzalez are the two Chiefs on the AP's All-Pro team. You know. The other AP.

  • Chiefs CB Rashad Barksdale used his first NFL paycheck to pay off his student loans.

  • Arrowhead Addict has a video of WVU's fullback, Owen Schmitt.

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic weighs in on Mike Shula as a possible offensive coordinator.

  • Did they really use to show Magic the Gathering on ESPN2? Dex, tell me you're kidding.
Does the fact that Will Shields is training Ryan Clady make any difference to you, as far as his potential? Does Will see something in him? Whatever the case, Clady is pretty lucky.

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