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Trent Green Wants To Keep Playing

I can't say why but I have a bad feeling about this.

Green reiterated what he had told local reporters before the season finale last month, that he has passed all medical tests and hasn't had any concussion-related symptoms for several months. Green, who will turn 38 before next season, again said that he wants to come back, but is not sure his style will mesh with whatever coach the Dolphins end up hiring. "I've got to see what head coach is in place and what offense they're going to run," said Green.
I just caught Trent on ESPN saying he didn't feel any ill affects from his hit earlier this year against the Houston Texans. If the guy can play and is cleared by his doctors, then some team will be willing to give him a try. There's always a demand for a reliable veteran quarterback. Look at Vinny Testaverde for example. Trent really didn't start playing full seasons until 2001 with the Chiefs so doesn't have the wear and tear on him that you'd think he would entering his 15th season.

You have to think that Trent Green would be looking to start for the Dolphins and not sit behind say a John Beck. I doubt the Dolphins go the veteran route after this season though. Good luck to him in whatever he does though. I have a feeling we'll see him on television as a talking head sooner rather than later.

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