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Kansas City Chiefs Confirm Their Mediocrity

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With a 20 to 3 loss to the Houston Texans this afternoon. The Texans had a 77 yard TD pass from Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson and Mario Williams picked up a Kris Wilson fumble and returned it for a TD. Check out the stats here.

Damon Huard had one more INT in this game than he did all of last year. Larry Johnson didn't break 50 yards rushing. The Chiefs only rushed the ball 17 total times. The Texans had the ball for five and half minutes longer than the Chiefs.

My mind's racing all over the place right now. The Chiefs have a lot to improve. I'll have a full recap up later today or tomorrow morning. In the meantime, use this thread as a clearinghouse for all of your post game thoughts.

There's hope, Chiefs fans. You just have to look hard to find it.