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Damion McIntosh Looking Good for the Opener

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Here's what Herm had to say yesterday:

HERM EDWARDS: "Practiced again today. I told him tomorrow I’ll talk to him about exactly how he would like to participate. He does and it’s just how to coordinate how we do it. He practiced yesterday and today was a hard practice, a long practice. He was here practicing."

Q: So you expect him to play on Sunday?

EDWARDS: "I anticipate that and I’ll talk to him tomorrow to see how he is after two days of work. We’ll see."

Q: How does he look to you?

EDWARDS: "He looks OK. Obviously the thing is stamina. The guy hasn’t practiced in a while. We’ll see where that’s at."

Q: Is that a situation where he has to be 100% to play?

EDWARDS: "Where he’s confident. He has to be confident in what we’re asking him to do. I think he’s gaining that every day in practice and I don’t see him favoring anything. More than anything, it’s just getting back into shape now, getting into condition. That’s what happens to you when you miss all those days. You just get out of shape. Football is different than just running and doing drills."

Despite the Chiefs poor showing in the preseason, one good thing that came out of it was there weren't any devastating injuries. McIntosh went down in early August but he'll be back. Other than Ean Randolph's bowel issues in Hard Knocks, the Chiefs came out pretty lucky. Also, judging by this Q&A, Huard is feeling good as well.