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Know Thy Enemy: Houston Texans

The guys over at Battle Red Blog were kind enough to fill us in a bit on the Houston Texans, the Chiefs Week 1 opponent. Without further ado...

Besides Matt Schaub, who was the Texans' biggest off season acquisition?

BRB: Not Jordan Black (pause for the giddy laughter of Chiefs fans). Well, the obvious answer would be Ahman Green, and big things are certainly expected of him this year. But we're going to go out on a limb and say one Jacoby Jones may well turn out to be the biggest off-season acquisition. The rookie has shown flashes of brilliance in the return game and at WR; if he keeps it up during the regular season, the Texans may finally have the second WR fans have been dreaming of, which in turn would make Andre Johnson an even greater weapon.

Why is this team better/worse than the 2006 team?

BRB: The 2007 Texans should be far better than the 2006 version. Sure, a big part of it is the upgrade at QB, courtesy of the arrival of The Schaub and the subsequent release of Zoolander. But I think the biggest reason this team will be better than last year's is increased talent and depth across the board. For the first time in franchise history, the Texans actually cut guys who can play in the NFL. That's due to the fact that the level of play, competition, and talent has been raised in every facet during Year Two of the New Regime.

How will the David Carr era be viewed in Texans' history?

BRB: We'd compare it to a bad one-night stand. Back in 2002, Houston fans were thrilled at the return of professional football to our fair city. Our standards were low, and we wanted to believe, much like the drunk at last call who has convinced himself that the wildebeest sitting next to him is "kinda hot." David Carr was our wildebeest. But we woke up the next morning (or, in Bob McNair's case, five (5) years later), and realized that we'd made a poor decision. At that point, we just wanted to grab our wallet and get the hell out of Dodge. By the end of last season, that was us--trying to escape a bad decision without hurting anyone's feelings.

What is your current running back situation like, especially with the signing of Ahman Green?

BRB: Despite people believing that Ahman Green is eighty (80) years old, he's an upgrade to the rushing attack. The depth chart now reads (1) Ahman Green; (2) Ron Dayne; (3) Samkon Gado. Suprisingly, the Texans cut Wali Lundy, who started the season opener last year as a rookie.

What does the Matt Schaub signing mean for this franchise?

BRB: In a word, everything. While we admit he still hasn't done anything in a game that counts, the early returns indicate that Kubiak found a QB who can make all the right reads and decisions. David Carr was The Bizzaro Schaub. As such, it stands to reason that the Texans got a whole lot better with Schaub's arrival, and we're all looking forward to seeing how he performs now that the gloves are off.


I'm still pissed off about that 2004 loss that put the Chiefs at 0-3 for the first time since 1980. We wish no injuries upon the Texans and hope for a good game. Thanks again to Battle Red Blog for giving us a few moments of their time. My answers to their questions are here.

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