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Damon Huard v. Todd Collins

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Here's a little food for thought today. After I read that Todd Collins is the no. 2 QB in Washington now, I decided to look up our former backup QB's all time stats. Then, I looked up Damon Huard's career stats.

G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck
Todd Collins 40 17 302 546 55.3 3447 6.3 17 19 56
Damon Huard 48 14 318 533 59.7 3569 6.7 20 9 49

With the exception of the TD-INT ratio, these two players are remarkably similar. That ratio is probably the reason that Huard is a starter now and Collins never will be. Huard can, at the very least, minimize mistakes. Thats why we have him starting the season and its a decision I've come to accept. But if you're telling me that you want a guy with Todd Collins like stats to lead us beyond next this year, you're drinking the Damon Huard Kool-Aid.