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The Kansas City Chiefs are Ready to Begin the Season

If you haven't voted in the poll to the right yet, make sure you do before the season starts. Its the most evenly divided poll we've ever had on AP.

Theoretically, of course. Judging by last year's transactions and today's comments by Herm Edwards, the Kansas City Chiefs roster and practice squad are pretty much set. The whirlwind of activity since the major cuts were announced on Saturday will have died down by this time tomorrow and we can look forward to the Houston Texans. The depth chart isn't updated quite yet and the roster still needs to remove one guy and move another to the practice squad but they're all there. If the rumors are true, S Chad Williams will be gone from that list and either Rashad Barksdale or Johnny Baldwin will more than likely be on the practice squad. Here's the count at each position, excluding Williams and including Barksdale on the active roster. The team is nicely split between 25 offensive players and 25 defensive players. I'll leave you to guess the special teams guys.

Offense Defense
(2) C (6) CB
(1) FB (4) DE
(2) G (7) LB
(3) QB (4) S
(3) RB (4) DT
(5) T
(4) TE
(5) WR
25 Total 25 Total

Eleven rookies are on the squad, and outside of them, the average NFL experience of the Chiefs is right at 6 years. Add those rookies into the average and the average experience is right at 5 years. 24 of the 53 players were drafted by the Chiefs. Only 3 of our players have come to the team via trade.

The season is almost here. As I write this, we are just a little over 4.5 days away according to the fancy new countdown clock I just put in at the top of the homepage.


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