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Open Game Thread - Kansas City Chiefs (1-2) v. San Diego Chargers (1-2)

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When: 3:15 Central Time

Where: Some corporate named stadium in San Diego

Chargers in the blogosphere: Bolt Hype

Weather: High of 80, light winds. Updated game weather is here.

A glance at the betting lines show that San Diego is right around a twelve point favorite this afternoon. With the exception of the Dallas/St. Louis game today, that spread is the largest spread of any game today.

Before the game, make sure you've caught up on everything that's been written here lately, especially in the diary section. Make sure you've ventured a guess in the Official Brodie Croyle Pick 'Em Contest. More than a few picked this afternoon's game as the game that Brodie Croyle replaces Damon Huard for the season. There are prizes at stake too...

The Chiefs defense will, as usual, keep this game close up to a certain point. We'll need to see Downfield Damon again to have a shot. We'll need a couple touchdowns and even more field goals. My prediction for the game (leave yours in the comment section) is a Chiefs win, 23 to 20. Despite the win, I don't see Larry Johnson rushing for 100 yards. His sore hamstring coupled with a dominant San Diego run defense doesn't bode well for LJ. I have two friends who made a bet that Larry Johnson would not rush for 1200 yards this season. Before the season started, that would have been a lowball of Larry's numbers. That's only a 75 yard a game average. Right now, Larry needs to average right around 81 yards a game for the rest of the season to hit 1200 yards. I wouldn't make that bet now.

Alright enough gloom for this morning. The Chiefs march into San Diego, stomp all over the Chargers for a huge divisional win and fly back home to KC triumphant.

Lets start off with some individual player predictions to get the conversation started.