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Checking in on the Rest of the AFC West

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Time for our weekly look at our divisional rivals. The AFC West sure is taking a beating so far this year. Don't forget to participate in the first (and hopefully only) Brodie Croyle Pick 'Em Contest.

Team W L T Pct. PF A
Denver Broncos 2 1 0 .667 52 57
San Diego Chargers 1 2 0 .333 52 72
Oakland Raiders 1 2 0 .333 67 83
Kansas City Chiefs 1 2 0 .333 26 50

The Denver Broncos

After winning their first two games by a combined four points, the Broncos dropped their third game to the Jacksonville Jaguars 23 to 14. In Denver no less. The Broncos were able to accomplish little rushing the ball. RB Travis Henry only had 35 yards rushing but only carried the ball eleven times. The Broncos as a team only rushed the ball eighteen time for a total of 47 yards. Conversely, the Jaguars rushed the ball 47 times for 186 yards. The Sports Guru from Mile High Report gives us a quick overview:

I don't like losing in any form or fashion, but I really hate losing when a team comes into our house and is simply a tougher group of men. Football, at it's core, is still a game about who wants it more, who can hit harder, and who wins the physical battles. The Jags did all of those things and that, to me, is disheartening. The Jags didn't really do anything that special on offense and the Broncos simply didn't have an answer.
The Broncos are a soft 2-1 in my opinion and are only two missed field goals away from being 0-3.

The Oakland Raiders

Last week against the Browns, the Raiders were leading the Browns 26 to 24 when the Browns' lined up for a 40 yard field goal with three seconds left. I'll let saint from Silver and Black Pride sum up the ending:

When "Son of Monte" called the time-out I began to pray.

I closed my eyes and hoped, beyond all hope that the Raiders would win.

I looked down and noticed the holder knocking away the divot in the dirt as the ball was about to be snapped. And then it happened...


The only thing we need to be concerned about with the Raiders is what LaMont Jordan is doing for your fantasy leagues. And he's doing pretty damn well so far this season. He's rushed for 350 yards on 69 carries for a robust 5.1 yard/carry average. It's nice to know that even a down year for the Kansas City Chiefs, we'll still have someone to look down on in the basement of the AFC West.

The Chargers

The Chargers have offensive woes much like the Chiefs. LT can't get anything going this season. He's averaging 2.3 yards/carry which is exactly a half yard worse than our own powerhouse back, Larry Johnson. In the final 2:18 of the game, the Chargers gave up two touchdowns to the Packers, one of which was a 57 yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre to WR Greg Jennings. Rob from BoltHype fills us in:

As the Chargers fall to 1-2 following a heart-breaking loss at Green Bay, a couple of trends seem to be emerging. One of those trends is a poor ability to run the ball, especially on first down. Ladainian Tomlinson carried the ball 22 times and for 62 yards - his highest rushing total on the season thus far.

While Tomlinson has not shown to be the runner fans have come to appreciate, blame cannot fall on LT's shoulders. No, the problem does not lie in Tomlinson's abilities, but rather the culprit is an unimaginative offensive coordination on the part of the Chargers coaching staff.

Sound familiar?