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The Official Brodie Croyle Pick 'Em Contest

Too weird to live. Too rare to die. Greg Hill.

After it was revealed on Fox (and on that Herm Edwards was close to pulling QB Damon Huard in favor of Brodie Croyle during the second half of last week's game, I had an idea. Its clear that Damon Huard will not be able to play at the level necessary to keep him in the entire season. At this point, he's simply playing his way from game to game. So, while we're waiting to see if Brodie Croyle is our QBOTF, let's have some fun.

In the first official contest in AP's history, you guess the time and the game that Brodie Croyle will replace Damon Huard as the Chiefs starting QB. I'm sure we'll have enough picks to make the time requirement necessary.

More specifically, because its possible Huard may get injured in a game and come back to play at a later date, at what point does Brodie Croyle enter a Chiefs' football game and remain the starter for the rest of the season? Of course, you can pick the beginning of a game as well which may end up being your best bet. The one closest to the correct time will win. Obviously, a little luck is involved.

The prize will be something like the "Real Deal" trading card pictured. What's that you say? I'm going to give away a Greg Hill trading card? You did indeed read that correctly. And yes, I am made of money. Obviously.

First, if you haven't gotten a user name already, you'll need to register here at the site to leave your prediction in the comment section. This will be a great time to finally jump in the conversation for you lurkers out there.

To give you a sample prediction (mine in fact), I think Brodie Croyle comes in for good after halftime of the Oakland Raider game in Week 7. A divisional away game against a decent defense, nearly half way through the season seems like the recipe. But I'm not picking so feel free to steal that one.

You can't pick the same time that someone else has already picked. First come, first served. Nevermind. You can pick the same time as someone else. Those cards are cheap anyway!

Picks will run right up to the start of the Charger game this weekend. All are eligible to play. Even Bronco and Raider fans.

Let the games begin!

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