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Drive Charts: Kansas City Chiefs' Offense

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Average starting field position: 25 yard line (Last week: 31 yard line)

Average number of plays per drive: 6.3 (Last week: 4)

Average net yards gained per drive: 22.6 (Last week: 20)

Average drive time: 3:10 (Last week: 2:03 minutes)

Longest drive: 84 yards (Last week: 83 yards)

Contrary to what we saw on the first drive of the season in Houston, the Kansas City Chiefs worst quarter so far this season for offensive drives is the 1st quarter. Of the nine drives began in the 1st quarter this season, six have gone three and out. If you take out the first drive of the season (76 yards) that resulted in a missed field goal, the Chiefs net yards gained in the 1st quarter is under 100 for the season. The 4th quarter isn't kind to the Chiefs either. Of the six drives began in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs have committed three turnovers and punted three times.

The Chiefs had a touchdown in the last five minutes before halftime of the Chicago game and a field goal in the last few minutes before halftime of the Viking game. Not surprisingly, passes outnumbered runs on those initial scoring drives eight to three.

Two games is a small sample size and this isn't exactly mind blowing but when the Chiefs greatly favor the pass over the run, that's the only time they've been able to score points. The drives before those two initial scoring drives were filled with Huard screen passes and short dump offs. Only when Damon Huard went downfield did the Chiefs experience success.

The Chicago game drive chart is here. The Texan game drive chart is here.