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Open Thread - Kansas City Chiefs (0-2) v. Minnesota Vikings (1-1)

Buy the ticket, take the ride


When: Noon

Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

The Vikings on SB Nation: Daily Norseman

Weather: High of 89, light winds. Updated Arrowhead weather is here.

I finally watched 300 last night so I'm seeing this game through the lens of ancient Greek combat. Forgive me if it becomes annoying.

When the Spartans were preparing to defend Sparta from the massive Persian attack, Persian king Xerxes asked the Spartans to lay down their weapons and surrender.

King Leonidas, facing at least 100 times his own men, replied simply-

"Come and get them."

That's right Minnesota. Come to Arrowhead and try to snatch a victory away from the Kansas City Chiefs today. It will not happen. The Chiefs will not fail today. This isn't Houston. This isn't Chicago. This is Arrowhead Stadium.

Put your predictions in this thread. 23 to 17, Chiefs.

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