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You Sir, Never Were a Chiefs' Fan

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From a guy named Mark Wilson in the Star's fan mail section:

The Chiefs are 0-2, baby! Love it. Honestly, I hope they go 0-16 this year.

I hate what they have done to a good team. How does one mismanage a team so badly, and misjudge talent so badly year after year, that they take what was a solid team to this pathetic joke? I guess the unfortunate part is with this team it it's all or nothing -- when the defense is great, the offense is horrible, and when the offense is great, the defense is pathetic. How is it so hard to find balance?

As a lifelong Chiefs fan, it pains me to say it, but I should become a Patriots fan. They put together good teams, and they show a will to win by wanting to cheat, as well! I like that kind of attitude!

Besides the logical fallacy of saying we had a great team while simultaneously saying the Chiefs could never judge talent, Mark Wilson never was a Chiefs fan. No matter what he says. You never, ever turn on your team. And if you do, you never were a fan in the first place.

So, Mark, you want the Chiefs to go 0-16? **** you. That's my team you're talking about.