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Kansas City Chiefs Defeat the Minnesota Vikings

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The Chiefs beat the Vikings today, 13 to 10. The game center is here.

Damon Huard looked scared during the first half and then just turned it on in the second half. Compare 37 first half passing yards with over 170 yards in the second half.

What else can we say about Dwayne Bowe? The kid has arrived.

Eddie Drummond almost broke two kick returns today. 180 degree turnaround from the first two weeks of the season.

Jared Allen. Pro Bowl. Mark it down. Tamba Hali had a sack today as well and a strip at the end of the game to basically seal the game.

Derrick Johnson is absolutely amazing. He was everywhere today including multiple plays he made behind the line of scrimmage.

And we won the game with Larry Johnson rushing for less than 50 yards. Use this thread for your post game discussion. I'll have the game recap up tonight or tomorrow morning.