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Injury Report for Wednesday, September 19th

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WR Eddie Kennison (hamstring)

Did not practice
T Damion McIntosh (knee)
S Greg Wesley (knee)

Full practice
S Jon McGraw


Did not practice
QB Tarvaris Jackson (groin)
S Darren Sharper (hip)
S Dwight Smith (hamstring)

Limited in practice
RB Tony Richardson (forearm)
RB Chester Taylor (hip)
Troy Williamson (hamstring)

Full practice
S Mike Doss (calf)

Don't forget the NFL has a new way of reporting injuries this year. Teams will now only report player's practice participation on Wednesday and Thursday by listing full practice, limited practice, or no practice. Then on Friday, teams will add to this report by providing the "normal" injury report that you're used to- out, doubtful, questionable or probable.

Larry Johnson and Damion McIntosh will practice today. Herm held out Greg Wesley because Wesley was a little sore. Kennison is definitely out and will be for at least a couple more games I think. Hopefully, Herm's guy Jon McGraw can see some action this week. The guy was a special teams tackling monster in the preseason, which we could use a healthy dose of.