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Note: The white jersey talk below has been removed from the press conference transcript but remains when you watch the video. Hmmmm. The Chiefs will be wearing red this Sunday in case you were wondering.

This is pretty much the defintion of a Hermism. Our head coach on telling the opponent you are wearing white jerseys at home.

"You have to tell them ahead of time. You declare what you wear. You can wear white. It helps you. That’s why I always wear a sweatshirt that’s generally white. There’s a trick to it. If you go to the Middle East what do they wear? Figure it out. It’s 100 degrees there."
And he doesn't disappoint from there. From later in today's press conference:
"The home opener is when all the guys who sell fireworks are happy because most teams shoot off fireworks. They send the planes over and everyone’s excited. For the players it’s the first time being at home. The band plays better on opening day. The cheerleaders have the new uniforms that no one has seen yet. Balloons."
A one word sentence that consists of...Balloons. Just when Herm begins to disappoint, he comes up with something that makes no damn sense. Am I the only one that's entertained?