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Pot-Bellied Wrestler Challenges Tony Gonzalez to a Match

File this one under, "Huh?"

The description of the video goes like this- "Segment from the Independence Wrestling Associations call for wrestlers. Broadway Turk Superstar challenges the Chiefs tight end, Tony Gonzalez to a charity wrestling match for the IWA title."

Watch out TG. He's putting the IWA belt on the line! The guy in the video may or may not be the wrestler who's challenging Tony but I'm pretty sure it is. Its definitely more fun if it is him. Surprisingly, there isn't much info out there on this wrestling association to confirm.

Note: After a little more research, it seems like this small wrestling league based right outside of KC has been trying to get in contact with the Chiefs for over a year for a charity event. They seemingly couldn't get through with conventional methods so they went to the YouTubes.

It's Game Time.

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