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Kansas City Chiefs Claim QB Thigpen Off Waivers; Derrick Ross Released

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**UPDATE #3*** Word is the Chiefs signed former Viking DE Khreem Smith. Nothing official yet. I will confirm when it becomes official. We'd like to think our currency around here is our credibility. Hope you concur...More on this from Scout.

**UPDATE #2** RB Derrick Ross has been released.

**UPDATE** The Thigpen signing is official. Unfortunately, Bobby Sippio was cut in order to make room for Thigpen. If Sippio clears waivers, the Chiefs will put him on the practice squad. I don't really see Sippio clearing waivers, especially since he was featured in Hard Knocks. I'm not saying the guy is great. I think it would be a lot of fun to watch him play for the Chiefs this season.

Nothing official but here is the report (Hat tip to Chiefs Planet):

Quarterback Tyler Thigpen, whom the Vikings were hoping to sneak through waivers, has been awarded to the Kansas City Chiefs, according to his agent, Joel Turner.
Here is a little info on the 7th round choice. Out of Coastal Carolina, Thigpen appears to be nothing more than a body at the no. 3 QB spot.