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Morning Update (O.J. Didn't Do It Edition)

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  • Phil at MVN makes a curious suggestion- Get rid of special teams coach Mike Priefer. As always, Phil makes a good case for Priefer's ineffectiveness.

  • DE Jared Allen comes back this week from his suspension, which means one guy has to go from our current 54 man roster. LB William Kershaw should be gone. He hasn't shown much of anything, despite being listed above Nate Harris on the LB depth chart. Harris is a little smaller but faster. Any other suggestions?

  • All of the info you need on the Tank Johnson to Dallas signing is at Blogging the Boys.

  • The Jon Kitna legend grows.

  • Who leaked the Patriots' videotape to the media? Pats Pulpit wonders and makes a suggestion I can agree with- Lets stop attaching "gate" to anything and everything that is controversial.

  • I knew O.J. couldn't stay out of the limelight long. He 's been charged with 10 felonies.

  • A lot of Chiefs fans were interested in him but Byron Leftwich has signed with the Falcons.
Ah yes. Jared Allen is back this week. Is he the key to the Chiefs success? He's part of it at least. It will be nice to have one of our best defensive players back. Even though the Chiefs are tentatively ranked 6th in overall defense, that doesn't mean we can't still use a boost. Enjoy your Wednesday morning amid cubicles, coffee and e-mail. I've got another post coming up soon.