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Tony Gonzalez on the Kansas City Chiefs' Offense

Interesting Q&A today over at the official site. Tony Gonzalez, on what the problem with the Chiefs' offense is.

"I don’t know, the rhythm hasn’t been there and we haven’t been able to pick up first downs. I mean, the whole chemistry is off right now. There is just no rhythm, we are not making plays when we have to and that kills you. That’s something that I think QB Damon Huard is struggling with, because when you are not in rhythm, it is hard to get going. It is hard to play ball when things aren’t clicking. Once we start clicking and taste that success, we’ll be a lot better offense. We have no identity at this point and we’re trying to get back to that. We’re kind of forcing it at times instead of doing what comes naturally. I think we’ll get back to that point. We’ll start making plays."
Well thats one way of putting it. Its a pretty generic athlete answer to a reporter's question but coming from Tony Gonzalez it carries more weight. My immediate instinct while reading this was, "Well TG is suggesting that we start Brodie Croyle." But after a minute of pondering and overcoming my gut instinct, I can't say that with any certainty. If you read the whole Q&A, Tony repeatedly mentions how embarrassed he is to be a part of this offense. He does go on to say the problems are correctable so he's not taking shots here. Overall, he has a frustrated but hopeful view of the offense. And as a veteran and a lifelong Chief, I think he's words are worth some merit.