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Reactions from the Kansas City Chiefs Blogosphere

Sexy name, huh? I never was very good at naming columns. At one point, I had the idea to write a weekly piece called "Writing Dirty". Then I realized I should probably be out of the headline writing business altogether.

KC Chiefs Fanatic has been churning out the great content. From "What it will take to turn this team around":

Despite what you may have read in the endless vendetta-driven articles written by the King of Gates BBQ himself, Jason Whitlock, the Chiefs players are not ready to mutiny against the leadership of Herm right now. From what I’ve seen and read, it’s actually completely opposite from what the King (Whitlock) would have you to believe, and right now the players are doing exactly what they should be doing: a bit of soul-searching in an effort to fix the mistakes made by this team in the previous two weeks.
Chiefs Blitz reminds us to be patient fans in "In Herm We Trust":
Herm in two years has done that. How anybody out there in internet land can expect Herm to be undefeated right now is beyond me. He is trying to build the team through the draft, that is what he said when he was hired, and that is what he is doing. He is drafting players, coaching them, developing them, and showing confidence in them and most importantly he is playing them.
Arrowhead Addict on the shortcomings against the Bears- "Another Loss, This One Not Quite as Bitter":
That being said, even though this loss was frustrating, it was an easier one to swallow than the week one loss at Houston. Our Chiefs aren’t going to make the playoffs, and even if they did they’d have no shot at taking down the suddenly invincible New England Patriots. That’s why both this loss and the two-game suspension of Jared Allen may turn out to be blessings in disguise.
Throw these bloggers on your favorites or your RSS reader because you can never have enough Chiefs content to read. Keep up the good work everyone!