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Must Win This Weekend for the Kansas City Chiefs?

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Vikings v. Lions highlights from last week.

Last season after starting the season 0-2, I waited until Week 4 and the San Francisco game to declare a must win for the Kansas City Chiefs. Mind you, we had the bye week in the 3rd week last year so we're right at that same time of the season as far as the number of games played is concerned. Is this weekend a must win? There's a catch, of course. And there's sort of two answers.

Must win implies that a team is maintaining post-season viability, which currently the Chiefs are not. Since 2000, only 5 teams out of 59 have started the season 0-2 and made the playoffs. Of course, one of those 5 was last year's Chiefs. Regardless of the path our favorite team takes this year, will we compete with the Colts or the Pats in the playoffs? Nope. I don't think any Chiefs fan believes that at this point. In my opinion, our best effort this season would produce a wild card berth. The AFC is simply too good this year for these Kansas City Chiefs to win a playoff game in 2007.

We're cheering every week but not beating each other up over what will more than likely be a significant number of losses for this franchise. So, in the sense of maintaining post-season viability, the game this weekend is not a must win.

This game is a must win for Herman Edwards and the Chiefs' brass. While I think Herm's job is secure for at least a couple of years, he has his share of detractors among fans and the media. He isn't a lame duck coach but if the Chiefs do not win this week, they head into San Diego the next week for what will more than likely be a thrashing. Even though the Chiefs handed the Chargers 1 of their 2 losses last season, that game was at Arrowhead. So, without a win against the Vikings this week, the Chiefs are almost assuredly looking at an 0-4 start and more ammunition for those who do not favor our head coach.

0-4 teams do not win playoff games, let alone make the playoffs. At that point, the "win now" jig will most certainly be up and the scrutiny of Chiefs GM Carl Peterson will have hit an all time high. The Herm Edwards haters will be even louder and those who are already preaching doom and gloom will be sitting beside you, saying "I told you so."

So, in the sense of front office job security and avoiding a general malaise over this team, this weekend is a must win. We can't have the Chiefs emerge from their hole in Week 5, see their shadow and be frightened.

I'm not asking for 10 wins. I'm asking for a few good ones for this team to rally around. And I think this weekend will be one of those wins.

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