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The Kansas City Chiefs and the Week 3 Power Rankings

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ESPN - #31 (Last week #30)

After the loss to Chicago, Tony Gonzalez told the media: 'It's not OK to be 0-2. There's no silver lining. It's not clicking. It's not working. Something has to be done. ... I'm at a loss for words right now.' Could've fooled us.
CBS - #32 (Last week #30)
Did anybody think they'd be down at the bottom? They need to go to Brodie Croyle. It has been an ugly start -- but both games were on the road.
Fox Sports - #30 (Last week #27)
Both the Kansas City offense and special teams units struggled in Sunday's 20-10 loss in Chicago. All-pro running back Larry Johnson couldn't get going, running for only 55 yards on 16 carries. Backup Michael Bennett fared no better, compiling 14 yards on seven rushes. Johnson told reporters after the game, "We have to look at the tape and see what we have to do better in the mistakes that I made or the mistakes that anybody made." Devin Hester dominated Kansas City, taking back a punt for 73 yards and a score in the second quarter, and then returning a kick 95 yards for a score in the third. The latter was negated by a holding penalty, but still stung. The Chiefs are 0-2 and do not look good. They take on the 1-1 Vikings on Sunday.
I honestly wasn't expecting to see the Chiefs at #32 in any of these power rankings. I think thats more a combination of our bad offense and other teams not falling as hard in Week 2 as they will in the coming weeks. For example, the Browns will get a bump because of their 51 point outburst against the Bengals. Count me in as one of the people who thinks the Patriots are the best team in the league. They are by far the most balanced team but I would put the Colts a close second as far as unbeatability. Does this mean I'm picking those two teams to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl? Not just yet but I imagine there won't be much to deter me to from thinking so as the season wears on.

Its still only Week 2 so bear with me as I post these power rankings. My rankings are after the jump. Feel free to give us your list of 32 or just the top 5 or bottom 5 or however many you want to list.

Rank Team
1 Patriots
2 Colts
3 Chargers
4 Steelers
5 Broncos
6 Cowboys
7 Bears
8 Ravens
9 Bengals
10 49ers
11 Seahawks
12 Saints
13 Lions
14 Texans
15 Packers
16 Eagles
17 Titans
18 Jets
19 Bills
20 Rams
21 Titans
22 Redskins
23 Giants
24 Buccaneers
25 Panthers
26 Cardinals
27 Chiefs
28 Jaguars
29 Vikings
30 Falcons
31 Raiders
32 Browns

I'll hash out these rankings with you in the comment section. Consider my ranking of the Chiefs above the Vikings as an endorsement of the Chiefs to win next week.