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Shhhhh...The Kansas City Chiefs Have a QB Controversy

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Throughout the preseason, the big question was: Will Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle start the season for the Chiefs? After convincing himself that Huard "gives us the best chance to win", Herm Edwards gave us just a little taste of the impending QB controversy in Kansas City.

Q: So who’s your guy next week?

EDWARDS: "Right now it’s Damon. I haven’t decided anything. I haven’t looked at the tape."

Star columnist Joe Posnanski is the first to really stir the QB pot with this story after the game:
This doesn’t have anything to do with panic. OK, well, yeah, it might have a little something to do with panic. The Chiefs are 0-2. They should feel a little panic. They are the only team in the NFL that hasn’t won a game yet going back to the preseason. They have looked miserable on offense. Hopeless. This is a team heading for a long, dry season unless something drastic happens.

As Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez said, "Something’s gotta be done."

Again, the question of direction comes up. What direction are the Chiefs headed in? I'm not really sure. Damon "Best Chance to Win" Huard isn't living up to that horrible nickname I just gave him (Its not sticking, don't worry).

AP's very own marcusallenwasking put it brilliantly as well in the comment section today:

One of my problems is that we're trying to do two things at once. We want to win now, but we're supposed to be patient while our team improves. It's one or the other. Either we're trying to put together a run with LJ, Tony, Edwards, and Law, or we're building for the future with Croyle, Bowe, DJ, and Pollard. Going both ways is not an option. And Damon Huard isn't going in either direction. It's a lot like his passing game. Completely lateral.
Which is it Chiefs? "Winning" now with Huard while Croyle sits on the sidelines? Or are we going to develop our very own drafted QB for the first time...ever?

The QB controversy in KC hasn't grown much. But it will if Damon Huard is unable, yet again, to move the ball offensively against next week's opponent the Minnesota Vikings. Damon Huard, as far as I'm concerned, has one more game to show us he's able to "manage the game". I'm hesitant to call this an impending QB controversy because frankly I think Damon Huard will play poorly enough that giving the ball to Croyle will be our only option, however ready he may be.

I can hear chants of Brodie Croyle faintly in the distance. They'll get louder. Trust me.

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