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Know Thy Enemy: Chicago Bears

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Here is this week's edition. Thanks again to Windy City Gridiron for answering our questions. Head over there to read my answers to their questions.

How do you think Cedric Benson will do as a starter for the season by himself?

I don't ever thing he will be by himself.  Be it Adrian Peterson, Garrett Wolfe or somebody new I don't expect he will ever be the only guy. A lot of things didn't work right on offense last week, so I am not ready to dump the blame at the feet of Benson just yet, but his week we do expect to see more from him.

What do you think about the Rivera comments to the Chargers defense that Rex is a "mental midget"? Do they think there is anything to them or is it just something he was telling SD to get them motivated?

I don't think there is much to them, I don't think Grossman or anybody on the Bears really puts much into it.  Rivera went from being a head coach prospect to a linebackers coach in a month, perhaps he is still a little bitter.

Besides Rex Grossman, what is the Bears weakest area?

Our biggest weakness is simply inconsistency on offense. We still do not know what we have or what we will get from week to week. Is the line getting too old, can anybody other than Berrian get open often, can Benson start moving the chains?

On D, the Bears have allowed yardage to TEs up the middle, but never to the point where it is the reason we lose.

What are your impressions of the Chiefs after Week 1?

I did not see the game, so just from what I hear or have read, this should be a land slide. I don't expect it to be that easy, but the media doesn't seem to think the team is worth much.  My impression would be if LJ cannot get going, there isn't much your offense will be able to do, but again I did not see them play last week.

Who will replace injured starters DT Dusty Dvoracek and S Mike Brown?

Darwin Walker, a better pass rusher than run stopper, will step in for Dvoracek. Anthony Adams also looks to get increased minutes.

Danieal Manning will step in for Mike Brown. Brown is known for his play against the run.  Last year his lose hurt us, but with Adam Archuleta back there as another guy who excels against the run it shouldn't hurt too much.  Manning is faster than both Arch and Brown, so overall coverage could improve.