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The Larry Johnson Rap isn't Larry Johnson

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This will be the last time I report on this. The "LJ rap" isn't him:

But, he said that the words said by Johnson were moved around and formed into the rap listeners heard. "It wasn't his words in order," Tinberg said. "It's so simple to move it around, it's just a couple of clicks. It's like Photoshop with music."

Since then, Tinberg has changed his story, telling the AP that the rapper isn't Johnson at all, but someone imitating the athlete's voice.

When asked about his previous statement, he said he lied and that he "used the media" as a publicity stunt to promote his label.

I, like a lot of people, sniffed this out for what it was- a cheap stunt to promote this rap group. They're so hard, they've got a MySpace page. Anyone else think a rap about HTML and .jpeg files could take off? What I'm really interested to find out is if the number of friends on your profile translates into any sort of street cred.