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Friday Morning Update (Larry Johnson Rap Edition)

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  • Who is the locker room streaker on Hard Knocks? Arrowhead Addict has the clip.

  • I don't know if it will load for you this morning but here is the LJ rap song everyone is talking about. Lyrics are NSFW. New user kandrew81 has a diary on the song.

  • Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the Bears have promised to use Devin Hester more this weekend.

  • Don't forget about the Bronco v. Raider game this weekend. Mile High Report has the skinny on the pair's last 5 meetings. The trash talk has already begun at Silver and Black Pride.

  • You can read Bill Belichick's statement on his punishment at Pat's Pulpit.

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic examines Week 1 in the AFC West.
So I heard the Larry Johnson rap last night. Nothing special even if it was him. It does sound like him but I can't decide if thats because I thought it was LJ beforehand. It's important to point out that he says it isn't him on the track. Even if it was him, it wasn't anything more than him blowing off a little steam. [Overhead speaker system] Calling Jason Whitlock...Calling Jason Whitlock...

I'll be sending Windy City Gridiron some questions later today so make sure you give us some suggestions.